Heart Mama

A story of belated grief

  • Auteur: Susan van der Beek
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I don't know you personally and yet I know you. To the core of your being, I dare say. I can see it in your eyes when I look at you. Your strength, captured by your pain. I can feel your pain, I know what it feels like.Please tell me, how old were you when your mother passed away? Do you have any memories of her? Can you remember the way she looked at you, how she smiled and the stories she used to read to you? Can you remember the way she felt or how she smelt?

Being confronted with the death of a parent when you are very young is very traumatic. Even if you might not think so yourself. The author will take you with her through her personal story and she will show you what you can do yourself to accept this great loss. By means of practical examples and exercises for you to do yourself, this book will help you to heal and to increase your life happiness.

"I wish I had read this book when my mother (37) died when I was just 13. Grownup things like these were barely spoken of. The book touches upon things the little girl inside of me carefully put away all those years. Now, after all those years, I can heal by reading this book and through my contact with Susan."
Sonja Broekhuizen, business coach

"Susan wrote this book from her own experience and for her own healing paving the way for healthy grief for other mourners. Beautiful and meaningful with inspiring exercises."
Jojanneke van den Bosch, author of 'So, now you are an orphan. Bye!'

Susan van der Beek (1962)
is a writer and a systemic coach. She has no recollections of her mother, since she was only two when her mother died of breast cancer at the age of 31. In her coaching practice and in family constellations she deals with the theme of early parent loss.

Ik ken je niet persoonlijk en toch ken ik je. Tot op het bot, zou ik bijna zeggen. Als ik je aankijk, zie ik het in... € 22,50